Travel Safe FAQ

Below are some of the questions we have received about the Travel Safe App. We hope you find the answers helpful and please, if you have any questions feel free to comment on this page or send us an email

What if I have no service on my phone, or am overseas and not connected to a carrier?

When you make a call to either Police, Medical, or Fire from Travel Safe, your phone will recognise this as an emergency call. In most countries you can connect to emergency services without the need for carrier service. The beauty of Travel Safe is that your location will also still be displayed when making this call, even without reception.

What if I have no internet?

All the emergency numbers for all countries are stored within the app along with all your personal details, meaning no internet connection is required to download them. You will still be able to select whichever country you are in and make calls to the emergency numbers provided, and send emergency text messages with your personal details and location information. Unfortunately your street address will not be displayed. However, your latitude and longitude will still be displayed in both the emergency text message and on the emergency call screen.

Can I send an automated text to more than 1 person?

The automated text messages are sent to the contact numbers entered in the users emergency contact list.  This list is located in the address book icon along the bottom of the screen. The beauty of Travel Safe is that you can enter as many contacts as you like and you can decide which contacts receive which messages. For example you may wish your partner to receive all emergency texts but you may wish for your doctor to only receive an emergency text when you require medical assistance.

I don’t travel much, is Travel Safe still useful for me?

Most definitely yes. There are many instances where being able to send an emergency text with all your details with the press of a button, or having your latitude and longitude displayed when making a call for help could save your life.

Imagine if you are lost in the forest and are able to make a call to emergency services but have no internet to get your location from your maps. With Travel Safe your latitude and longitude are displayed right there on the call screen which you can pass directly while on the phone.

Unfortunately the above scenario is based on very real, very recent events. The following article describes how a man went missing in the Australian Blue Mountains (near Sydney). He was able to make a call to friends but could not determine his location. Tragically the mans body was found several weeks later. Abrupt end to missing mans call  

Another example is if you are being followed while walking home alone at night. You may not be in a position where you can pull your phone out, dial emergency services and request Police assistance to the operator, without alerting the would-be attacker. You may however be able to pull your phone out and hit the Police text button which sends an emergency text to your partner who is at home just around the corner. They could then can call emergency services on your behalf and also come to render assistance.


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