Travel Safe

Travel Safe is international safety, redefined. It’s an initiative in the interests of the welfare of the global community. Travel Safe means safer travel, and global peace of mind. With Travel Safe, you can stay safe, stay in touch, and go anywhere.

What is Travel Safe?

Travel Safe uses the location technology in your smartphone, combined with a comprehensive database of over 200 countries, to give you lightning fast access to emergency services and your emergency contacts right when you need them. With Travel Safe, you can contact the people that matter, when it matters most. Emergency services need two critical pieces of information in order to render timely assistance, your location and the services you require. When you make a call to emergency services using Travel Safe your location is displayed on the screen so that you can pass this critical information directly to emergency operators. Travel Safe also contains a comprehensive worldwide database of emergency numbers for over 200 countries, so no matter where you are in the world you have access to the people who can help. We have also designed in flexibility to customise your emergency numbers. This is particularly useful in countries where national emergency services may not be reliable, such as South Africa, where private security and ambulance services are quite common. Travel Safe is more than just calling a call centre though. Travel Safe allows you, in seconds, to text all your relevant safety information to your closest family members, your doctor or even your next door neighbour. When you press the text button, your user specific data along with your location is pre-loaded into a text message. The message looks something like this, with the highlighted text customised by the user.

My name is [Joe Bloggs]. I require [Police/Medical/Fire or Personal] assistance at [address, latitude and longitude, google maps link]. My contact number is [0400123827]. My residential address is [21 Jump Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060]. [Any additional information you have entered such as medical conditions NOK details.]

Who is it for?

Although travel Safe has been designed to cater for the unique needs of travellers, it’s so versatile, it can be used by anyone, from your seasoned traveller to your local expert. Travel Safe works anywhere in the world so it’s for anyone in the world who wants to use it. Be it during your early morning run, or a late night drive to grab some groceries, Travel Safe will have you covered. Travel Safe combines the best in modern smartphone technology, with stunning visual design, to create the ultimate smartphone travel companion. Stay safe, stay in touch, and Travel Safe.



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