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Every Tech Commercial

We were going to go all out and create a flashy new ad for Travel Safe now that it’s been released on Google Play. Fortunately, the guys at CollegeHumor have provided us with a good framework to get us started.

Seriously funny stuff. Visit the site here (

Every Tech Commercial | CollegeHumor


Travel Safe – We’ve got you covered

For all those Australian Rugby League fans out there!

This is one of our very first marketing images, we uploaded it a little over 2 weeks ago to our Facebook site. It’s received a massive response, and even though our lkapps site wasn’t up and running (oh dear) at the time, we’re sharing it with you now.

A streaker controversially broke through security and entered the field with only a few moments to go in the third, final and deciding State of Origin clash between Queensland and New South Wales. State of Origin, for the uninitiated, is the penultimate Rugby League contest held in Australia, and is arguably the highest level of Rugby League competition held in the world. Needless to say, the streaker caused quite a stir. We had this bad-boy photo-shopped and ready the next day. Enjoy.


Travel Safe – We’ve got you covered…

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