10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the iPhone



Here’s a few fun facts for you.

Did you know that Apple has sold an estimated 387,446,000 iPhones? That’s enough iPhones that the packaged USB cords could reach from the Earth to the Moon.

Or that the App Store has sold over 50 billion apps? More than twice the amount of Apples harvested in the US every year.

It’s incredible to think how the world has changed due to this miraculous device, and smartphones in general. Who can remember answering machines, or calling the cinema hotline for movie times?

The challenge for us as developers is to harness this amazing power to create something more, something unique and breathtaking. It helps to put the phone down every now and then and look at the world. Inspiration is everywhere.

The limits of technology are only that of human imagination.



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