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Every Tech Commercial

We were going to go all out and create a flashy new ad for Travel Safe now that it’s been released on Google Play. Fortunately, the guys at CollegeHumor have provided us with a good framework to get us started.

Seriously funny stuff. Visit the site here (

Every Tech Commercial | CollegeHumor


Tip Top Tips for Tipping for Travelling Tourists

Tipping rules are different in every country. Travel Safe and avoid the awkward silence at the cash register by checking out this cool infographic from Buzzfeed. Click the image to enlarge and see the rest of the article.

From 16 Helpful Tips for Traveling the World. Thanks buzzfeed.

Click the image to enlarge and see the rest of the article.

Travel Safe Released on Android

Ladies and Gentlemen, Travel Safe is now officially available on Google Play. We’ve taken the same great technology and design from our iPhone version and taken it to Android.

Download Travel Safe on Google Play today, and be one of the first in the world to use our exciting new app on Android. Be sure to comment and let us know what you think.

Download Travel Safe on:
Google Play (
Apple App Store (
or visit our Facebook page (

Travel the World

We’ve all stared out the window at the end of a long flight, with amazement at what might be in store at our destination. This amazing graphical work from artist Fábio Araujo ties in many of the worlds best landmarks, cities and wonders, all from the perspective of an airplane window. (Find more of Fabio’s work here

How many of these places have you visited? What’s your favourite?


Travel Safe Shortlisted in the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards

Travel Safe has been shortlisted for the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards!!!

This is great news and great recognition for an app that has only been available on the market for a little over a month. Thanks to all our users for the comments, feedback, and reviews, without you this app wouldn’t exist.

The Australian Mobile Awards is the founding program in design100 Digital Design Awards. Celebrating creativity, courage and innovation in mobile achievements by both creators and commissioners, the awards provide a unique opportunity for all sectors of the industry to participate across an extensive range of entry categories and achieve marketplace recognition.

In addition to a select judging panel and industry voting, the marketplace gets their say with the general public given the opportunity to rate each of the apps on the Mobile Awards website.

The link below will take you to our 2013 Australian Mobile Awards submission.  Click the link below, register to vote as a Design Public, and rate away. (

Let’s bring home the Golden Mobie!!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can check out our app on the Apple App Store here. (

Travel Safe | Shortlisted in the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards

Not all those who wander are lost…

Not all those who wander are lost…

Although… if you’re planning a trip to Mordor, despite Travel Safe’s comprehensive database of emergency numbers and testing all over the globe, we did find it quite challenging to source any reliable emergency service details for anywhere east of The Shire.

Not all those who wonder are lost


I should add, if you’re interested in this awesome bag tag, we found it online at this website…

Travel Safe User Guide

As you can see we’ve been doing a few updates to the webpage. We’ve now created a user guide to help you bring out all of the best features of Travel Safe.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on our app and any ideas you might have to help make Travel Safe the best possible emergency services app available. Find us on Facebook or send us an email by clicking the “Contact Us” tab above.

Enjoy your travels, and as always, Travel Safe.

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How to Avoid Crazy Data Charges Abroad

Data charges abroad can be a real killer, eating up funds you’d much rather spend on cool stuff, like more Travelling. This weeks Cheap Tuesday link lists a bunch of easy, practical ways to save money on data charges whilst abroad.

Travel Safe has been designed with the hip pocket in mind too. Firstly, with Travel Safe in your pocket you’re always within arms reach of safety. Secondly, Travel Safe uses the normal cellular network, at home and abroad. So even with data roaming turned off it’ll still tell you, and emergency services, where you are and what you need, all in the press of a button.

Have fun out there travellers, and remember, Travel Safe.

Story courtesy of mashable,com

What’s Hot? Travel Safe that’s what


Travel Safe is currently featured in What’s Hot for Travel in the App Store. Let’s keep the reviews rolling in. Next stop – Top 100.

Thanks to all those who have downloaded our app and given it a review.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and the Hyperloop?

Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and the Hyperloop?

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk (founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and Space X to name a few) has unveiled his much anticipated plans for the Hyperlink high-speed transportation system.

If concept of travelling between cities at over 1000km per hour in an aluminium pod sounds a little Futurama, remember that we sent a man to the moon way back when in 1969. The phone in your pocket has more computational power than NASA had back then. Anything is possible…

See more at (

Elon Musk this week revealed his highly anticipated Hyerloop plans.

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